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Your family history may be a mystery to you, but imagine if you could discover who your ancestors really were!

At Genealogy Links UK we carry out ancestry research to uncover the secrets of your family’s past – not just names and dates, but fascinating facts about individuals and families; their occupation and where they lived.

All the information we find out about your family; including dates, children, occupations, addresses, travel information, military details, places of interest will be included in a full genealogical report.

We perform an in-depth ancestor search, examine Birth, Marriage and Death certificates, census records, electoral rolls and many other sources to look in detail at your family heritage. Our fundamental aim is to answer your all-important question - “Who are my ancestors?”

Additional Services and Information

If extra copies of Birth, Death or Marriage certificates are required, we can order these for an additional £12.50 each.

Losing touch with members of your family can be a painful experience. If you are interested in tracing a long lost family member, or have been trying for years with little or no success, then get in touch with us at Genealogy Links UK.

We subscribe to a number of large databases which enable us to cross reference data for an individual. This then enables us to carry out follow-up investigations to establish an up-to-date address for the subject.

Utilising our research skills and the success in genealogical searches, we are in the best position to help you find that missing person or long lost relative.



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